How To Switch Apps And Information To A Brand New Smartphone

We’ve all been there: You open the box for your vivid new smartphone, flip it on, after which recollect which you by some means should transfer all of your facts and apps from your vintage phone. Depending on what form of statistics you prefer to store domestically (rather than inside the cloud), transferring your information can sense like a frightening project.

Don’t worry, though, our reachable manual can make the entire procedure plenty less painful. If you need a more private contact and are putting in place a brand new iPhone, a short journey to an Apple Store is probably the very best method. But if that’s not an option, or you choose the DIY technique, we’ve were given you covered. Whether you’re upgrading to a brand new Android phone, a brand new iPhone, or switching groups, you will locate all you want to understand beneath.

Click on the corresponding hyperlinks under for specified commands on moving your apps and records to any new cellphone.

Switch Apps And Information To A Brand New Smartphone


Android to Android

Android owner, Google, has made it a whole lot less difficult to switch records from an old Android phone to a new one in the beyond few years, to the factor where there’s little you need to genuinely do. That’s proper even in case you shop masses of track and statistics regionally in your phone, even though if so it may simply take some greater mins to complete the switch procedure.

Many major Android cellphone producers include custom migration gear on their gadgets. Samsung has its Smart Switch app, which enables customers migrate to a Samsung smartphone from another emblem. It works thoroughly, and even consists of gear to switch from an iPhone.

Perhaps you’re transferring to an LG phone, wherein case the LG Mobile Switch app is probably the way to go. This app receives installed in your vintage Android telephone, and aids in the transfer to a new LG tool by using transferring statistics like images, tune, video, call logs, messages, and so on. OnePlus makes OnePlus Switch, which comes pre-established on a few OnePlus devices, and may switch similar desired facts.

The simplest issue to do in maximum such instances, but, is to absolutely observe the on-display commands when you first set up your new telephone. You’ll probably be capable of switch records at once out of your old Android tool by placing it close to your new one, which cuts out many steps. Data switch generally takes place over WiFi, but in a few instances you could transfer via a cable. During this technique, you’ll be capable of pick the facts you need to switch, and you’ll be notified when the switch procedure has been finished. The transfer manner must consist of app information, though which could rely on the apps themselves.

While the usage of an Android device, it’s a great concept to backup your phone to the cloud, now not best so it’s less difficult to repair your records subsequent time you get a new telephone, however additionally so you still have your records if your phone is misplaced or stolen. If you’ve already sponsored up your records, you’ll be capable of restore it from the cloud at some stage in the setup process through tapping at the Can’t use old smartphone button when triggered to transfer statistics out of your antique device. Through this method, you ought to be capable of switch all kinds of records, which include apps and money owed.

If you have installation your cellphone already, and want to repair data, it’s far possible to accomplish that. The specific path to the right settings relies upon for your manufacturer. On a Samsung telephone, you can do so by way of going to Settings > Accounts and backup, and tapping on the “Restore records” button, for instance.

Photos, documents, and greater

In case you can’t or don’t want to transfer your pics and local documents through using built-in transfer equipment, there are other approaches of doing so. By a long way the easiest manner is to apply cloud garage, like Google Drive and Google Photos.

Let’s begin with documents. To backup documents to Google Drive, open up the Google Drive app and hit the “+” button on the lowest right of the display. Then faucet the “Upload” button, navigate to the documents you want to upload, choose them, and watch for the add to complete. On your new telephone, you may then view your files within the Google Drive app.

Photos work very in addition. In many instances, your snap shots can be robotically uploaded to Google Photos already, however you could test if they are or no longer via commencing the Google Photos app and hitting “Allow” whilst requested if you need to allow Photos access your cellphone’s media. Then, tap your profile photo in the top proper, and make certain Backup is on. If you’ve got numerous images, you’ll need to look forward to your photos to add to Google’s carrier, and then you could view and down load them to your new device through the Google Photos app.


iPhone to iPhone

Apple makes upgrading to a new iPhone easy. There are approaches to switch your records: through an iCloud backup, or thru direct transfer out of your old cellphone while you set up your new tool.

First up is iCloud. Before starting the setup system for your new phone, open up the Settings app on your vintage tool, tap your name at the top of the Settings menu, then faucet your phone from the list of gadgets at the lowest of the screen, and ensure iCloud Backup is about to “On.” If it wasn’t on, watch for it to again up, however even supposing it changed into on, you may need to hit the “Back Up Now” button to make certain that you’re restoring from a latest backup. Then, start putting in your new device, and pick out to “Restore from iCloud Backup” at the Apps & Data display.

If you don’t need to use iCloud, you can transfer your facts directly out of your antique device for your new one, so long as your old one makes use of iOS eleven or later. To accomplish that, activate your new device and region it near your old one. You have to get a activate in your vintage tool suggesting which you Set Up New iPhone. Hit the “Continue” button and follow the on-screen commands. It’s truely a completely easy manner.


Android to iPhone

Sick of Android and need to move into the iPhone surroundings? Apple wishes that too, and to make the method less difficult it has developed some quite intuitive equipment.

Most brilliant amongst the ones tools is the Move to iOS app for Android. This app lets in you to transfer all kinds of records in your iPhone, inclusive of your pics, messages, contacts, browser bookmarks, and even your Google account settings.

To use the device, hit the “Move Data from Android” button on the Apps & Data screen when putting in the new iPhone, then open the Move to iOS app for your vintage Android phone, and comply with the on-display screen commands. This will involve entering a code which you’re given, then anticipating your content material to transfer. It’s critical to note that if you plan on using in general Google apps, like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive to your iPhone, only a few of the functions inside the Move to iOS device could be beneficial. You’ll have to pick out and pick out what you need to switch based in your particular state of affairs.

There are some matters that won’t switch over from your Android tool to your iPhone. You’ll have to switch those manually, and we’ll cross over them below.


If you use a tune streaming provider, transferring your track could be smooth—simply download the app, whether or not or not it’s Spotify, YouTube Music, or something else, and sign up.

If, however, you’re old-college and want to transfer locally saved track files, you’ll need to employ other strategies. The easiest way to switch neighborhood song files to your iPhone is thru the Music app on a Mac, or good ol’ usual iTunes on a PC. Specific instructions range depending to your laptop, but the widespread gist of factors is which you’ll join your Android tool to your pc and switch track to it directly. Next, import the ones documents into the Music app to your Mac, or iTunes for your PC. Then join your iPhone to the computer, pick out it in iTunes or Music, and choose to sync your tune documents. Again, particular info will range depending in your setup.


Apps are a piece extra difficult. If you operate the Move to iOS app on Android, Apple have to detect maximum of the Android apps which you use, and upload the iOS equivalents on your Wish List, which you may then use to download the apps. Specific app information will range relying at the app even though. Some apps permit you to keep your app statistics in the cloud, and you will be capable of get right of entry to that facts by signing into an account on the iOS model of the app.

Unfortunately, if you bought an app on Google Play, you may possibly ought to pay for it again inside the Apple App Store. This generally only applies to apps that price money to download, not apps that rate money for a subscription through in-app purchases. Again, this can range depending at the app.


iPhone to Android

Moving from an iPhone to an Android tool is the most hard manner to move, however once more, there are some fantastic gear that will help you alongside the way. That said, the way you switch your records relies upon on which Android telephone you use. Surprise, surprise.

Note: Before you move your records in your new Android telephone, you’ll want to disable iMessage for your iPhone. If you’re not certain how to achieve this, pass beforehand in our guide and follow the commands.

Google gives a few strong tools that will help you circulate from an iPhone to a Google Pixel tool, and if you need to observe more interactive instructions to accomplish that, you could head to this internet site. The procedure essentially involves selecting the choice to duplicate statistics and apps out of your antique smartphone, choosing to copy from an iPhone, plugging your iPhone into your Pixel device with an blanketed adapter, and selecting the records you want to switch. You’ll be notified while the switch is complete.

Switching to a Galaxy tool? Samsung’s Smart Switch tool also works with iOS gadgets, and may even suit the iOS apps you have with Android equivalents and help you down load them. Smart Switch is built into Samsung phones, and you may use it by following the on-display commands to switch your information to your new tool whilst you set it up.

LG Mobile Switch additionally helps shifting facts from an iPhone. However, you could handiest accomplish that thru a Lightning-to-USB-C cable, not over WiFi. Still, in case you’re switching from an iPhone to an LG tool, using this tool is probably the manner to head, because it permits you to switch textual content messages, photos, call history, and more.

OnePlus Switch additionally supports transferring from an iPhone to a OnePlus tool. With this tool, you’ll have to sign up to your iCloud account, and the device will then migrate data for your OnePlus device. You’ll need to make certain that your statistics has been sponsored up to iCloud first.

If your phone’s producer doesn’t have its very own device, then the Copy My Data device might be the manner to move. We’ll dive into Copy My Data a touch bit greater later, however you could down load it in your iPhone here, and on your Android device right here.

As with moving from Android to iOS, unluckily, app facts won’t switch and also you’ll must repurchase apps on the new platform. In maximum instances, you’ll have to manually search for the apps on the brand new platform and down load them.

Disabling iMessage


Before you transfer your information for your new Android tool, it’s vital to disable iMessage. This tells Apple to stop routing messages thru the net in your vintage Android tool, and messages will alternatively be despatched through SMS for your new Android device.

To disable iMessage for your antique iPhone, head to Settings, then head to “Messages” and disable iMessage. It’s additionally a good idea to disable FaceTime, via heading back to the main Settings menu, tapping FaceTime, and turning off the toggle subsequent to FaceTime.

Email, Contacts, and Calendars

Your electronic mail, contacts, and calendar facts is regularly synced via your electronic mail account, and signing into that account for your new Android cellphone have to permit it to sync together with your tool. In case the records isn’t synced via e mail, but, you can use a 3rd-birthday celebration device like Copy My Data to sync that data from your antique iPhone for your new Android tool.

Using Copy My Data is simply pretty easy. All you have to do is download the app on your iPhone and on your Android tool, make certain they’re both signed into the same account, and pick the statistics to transfer over.

Copy My Data additionally works with files like pictures and motion pictures, but there are extra efficient approaches to transfer pics and videos.

Photos and videos

The simplest way to switch pix and motion pictures to your new Android telephone is through Google Photos. All you have to do is download Google Photos on your iPhone, sign in to it, supply it permission to get right of entry to your pictures, and let it upload. Note that the use of Google Photos would require you to have enough cloud garage for your Google Account, and you could must pay for that, depending on how a good deal information you’re importing. Also, if you have a lot of photos and movies, it will take a while to upload.

Once uploaded, you may open the Google Photos app to your new tool, and also you ought to see all of your pics and films there.


If you use a music subscription carrier, all you’ll need to do is down load the proper app in your new phone, sign up in your account, and also you need to see your playlists and tune. That’s even authentic for Apple Music, as there may be an Apple Music app for Android.

To switch domestically saved music files from your iPhone to new Android tool, you’ll want to make sure that those documents are saved to iTunes or the Music app in your pc, then export them, plug your Android cellphone into your computer, and drag-and-drop the files over for your new device. This may be carried out through the Android File Transfer app.

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